We've phased out AlterEgo.

We built AlterEgo in 2011 to help our employees and users secure their accounts with 2-factor authentication. At the time, there wasn't a product that provided the security, usability, and features we wanted, so we made one ourselves.

Since then, Google Authenticator has become the industry standard, and we have a great integration for it that offers the added security you get from AlterEgo. This allows us to discontinue AlterEgo, giving our engineers more time to improve MailChimp.

Switching to Google Authenticator is easy:

  1. Log in to MailChimp, click your profile name to expand the account panel, and choose Account.

  2. Under Account settings, choose Account security.

  3. Click Configure Google Authenticator.

As with AlterEgo, you’ll get a 10% discount for making your account more secure.

Thanks for helping us improve the email ecosystem.